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Learn to improve you and your horse to meet your riding and showing goals!

Whether you are just starting out in the green reiner, or showing in the level 4 non-pro, Visionary Equine provides a coaching service that can be customized to best suite your needs. Our coach will break down each maneuver for you and work with you to improve both you and your horse.


How do I get started?

First make sure to schedule an appointment to come out and meet us, or catch up with us at a show. From there we’ll work with you to decide if your horse needs to stay in training in the barn, or if you can be a haul-in client. Once you’ve taken a few coaching sessions we’ll sit down with you and discuss shows, what your budget is, and work out a show schedule for you.

Does my horse have to be in training for me to be coached by Visionary Equine?

We recommend your horse be in training but it is not required, we welcome haul-in clients.

What are the costs to be coached by Visionary Equine?

For non-pro and youth horses in training the cost of training includes your coaching session fees. At horse shows your day fee will be $55/day all inclusive (there are no splits for hotels or food).

For haul-ins the fee is $50 per coaching session at the ranch, and a $65/day coaching fee at shows all inclusive.

What is included in the day fee at shows?

The day fee includes coaching you in the warm-up and the show pen, schooling your horse if necessary, prepping your horse for your class, and access to all of the therapies that we bring with us to horse shows (ice boots, Sore No More, Back On Track, equissage hand held unit, etc).

We have a great time at shows. We all cheer each member of the team during their runs, go out for dinner as a barn, and at longer shows we try to plan a barn outing if time allows.

Please note that the cost of splitting the tack room is not included in the day fee and will be billed in addition to the day fee.

Does Visionary Equine have any horses that I can lease to be coached on?

At this time we do not have any horses available for lease, however we are actively looking for a solid reining horse that can be leased to clients  If you are interested in leasing a reining horse please let us know.

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