Reining Horse Syndicates
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Getting Started in Syndicate Ownership

When getting involved in reining horse ownership, you have a few different options. Go the old fashion route of traditional ownership where you buy a horse from a sale or private treaty either on your own or maybe with the help of a trainer, bear all of the costs, risk, and responsibility of ownership yourself. Or, find  partner and do the same thing but you get to split the costs, risk, and responsibility. With a Reining Syndicate you are now able to purchase as much or as little of a reining horse as you’d like, being responsible for as much or as little of the horse as you’d like, getting to enjoy concierge service at events, professional management of your horse, the camaraderie of your fellow owners, and the safety in knowing that any horse you purchase has been thoroughly vetted by our team to pass our stringent standards and is insured to protect your investment. You are now able to relax and enjoy all of the perks of horse ownership without the stress and hassle of private ownership. And as you are able to purchase small shares in a horse you can now spread your investment across multiple horses, allowing you a greater chance of meeting your ownership goals. So how do you get started in all of this? It all starts by filling in your email below, we’ll send you our introductory packet outlining our methods, procedures, and fees. We’ll also send you a survey to get a better idea of which syndicate horses will work best for you according to your goals, and we’ll try to coordinate a time for an in person meeting either here at the ranch, or at one of the many events we attend and host. We want to make sure that all of your questions are answered, and that we have a clear picture of what your goals are. Once we have that we’ll begin sending you horses that we feel will match your criteria. You’ll be able to review their syndicate packet and will have the option of viewing them on farm or at an event before purchasing a share.

Once you have purchased your first share, welcome to the family! You’ll receive monthly updates on your horse(s), invites to events and seminars, and our exclusive concierge service. Get started today by filling in your email below! Having problems with the form? Simply email and put Reining Horse Syndicates in the subject line.

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