Reining Horse Syndicates
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Mark How

With over 20 years in the industry Mark heads our program as both trainer and coordinator, making the majority of the day to day decisions, including acquisitions, and advising owners on the best path for their horses. Mark has been a member of the British World Equestrian Games Team in 2006, Top 5 at the NRHA Masters, and has multiple wins under his belt both nationally and internationally. Mark has been involved in the careers of horses winning well in excess of $500,000 and brings his experience and knowledge as both an NRHA Professional and Judge to Reining Horse Syndicates.

Jessica How

With over 10 years in the equine industry Jessica heads our acquisitions team, concierge service department, media department, as well as being the office manager. Jessica’s passion for the industry and a better method of ownership led her to found Reining Horse Syndicates. She believes in bettering the ownership experience and in producing quality, long lasting horses for the reining industry to enjoy for years to come.

Alan Donnel- La Mesa Veterinary Services

Khris Crowe- Red River Equine

Ryan Skinner- Farrier

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